The Curiosity Index: Week 15

Hoping you’re all staying healthy out there – the pandemic effect on this blog continues with another bunch of posts. And because a whole bunch of you are in lockdown, there’s more link goodness here than usual. So first…

The Pandemic…

A Genius Visualization of Social Distancing

…and the Church’s response

The Week’s Postings

Sunday: Online worship: Palm Sunday
Monday: Sweden and the Coronavirus
Tuesday: The Multiverse & the Maker
Thursday: For Such a Time as This
Friday: The Suffering God

From the archives

“What do you do when it’s not happening for you? I know what I used to do. Check my methods, redouble my efforts, quietly despair and sometimes complain. All of which suggests that somehow the salvation of people depends on me when I know for a fact I can’t save anyone. Remember, we are doing the stuff.

What I’ve learnt between church plant 1 and church plant 2 is that Jesus promised to build His church (Mt 16:18). We believe that Jesus intends to build His church in Stockholm and has asked us to come and help. So we do what we’re told and we wait.”

Church Planting Essentials: Patience

Some interesting things (to me)

Seven posts that caught my eye

  1. A new much larger wave of locusts threatens millions in Africa. I’ve written about this story before & mentioned it again in a previous CI. Potentially far more will die from this than COVID-19.
  2. Christians Sing Together – I think this is one of the things I miss most about not being able to gather with our church.
  3. Sweden’s cashless society dream isn’t all it’s cracked up to be (Something I’ve also written about before: here and here)
  4. The Gospel According to Kanye West (From a time when we were interested in other things).
  5. 30 countries could be 100% powered by geo-theormal energy. (For when we can focus on the post-COVID world).
  6. 9 Things a Grown Man Can Learn From the Hardy Boys – I read them and now my son reads them and I can still learn from them!
  7. Hippo found swimming in family’s pool on New Year’s Eve – it’s not new but it’s still funny

Eye-catching stuff

What even is that? Some amazing pictures from the Winners of the 2019 Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest

Seven Twitter highlights

  1. Easter means hope
  2. Don’t look at your own ugly mug
  3. Preaching with translation on a video call – a new one for me!
  4. A Complimentary smack down
  5. Some dads are better at this quarantine-thing than others…
  6. Krakatoa
  7. Pontius Pilate

Something to watch

Have a great weekend.

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