Online worship: Palm Sunday

Well the strangeness of the world around us is soon going to mingle with the strangeness that is Easter. Today was a challenging day for me as for a variety of reasons I struggled mightily against technology. I’m generally pretty competent with technology and having been learning video tips and tricks virtually every day as well the various new software programs needed to make things work.

However, one tiny mistake in the settings plus a few other bugs, delays and good old fashioned human error meant that things did not go as planned. That’s how some people think of Easter week. Jesus enters Jerusalem in a crescendo of noise, acclamation and attention. Five days later he’s dead. Things did not go as he planned.

Those that think like that, have made their minds up about the resurrection because the crucial thing is next Sunday. If Christ did not rise then his death was a cruel end to a short life and it is extremely unlikely that we would have heard of Jesus at all. But something happened. A rumour, an idea, a movement began that should have been preventable and instead proved unstoppable. It is either the most successful conspiracy theory ever or the most remarkable fact ever. I think, I believe, it is the latter.

Well, not quite like Jesus, but I didn’t let technology defeat me and finally got all the pieces together. Here is our worship from Grace Church this Palm Sunday.

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