The Curiosity Index (Coronavirus edition)

I know all we ever hear about is this cursed coronavirus (COVID-19) and almost everyone is writing about it. But that does mean there is a lot of good things amidst all the false or the scary or the relentless inundation you get from the news. I’ve tried to piece a few things that I’ve found the most helpful here but have not attempted in any way to be exhaustive as that is way too much!

The Coronavirus Explained


Photos: Life in the Coronavirus Era

Facts, links, good solid info

  1. Dashboard with up to date data
  2. Coronavirus: Links, Speculation, Open Thread
  3. Coronalinks 3/19/20

Stuff for Sunday services

  1. Streaming Live Worship
  2. Help we have to livestream during the pandemic!
  3. How to livestream your church service

Thinking the issue through

  1. How Should We Respond To The Government Restrictions Preventing Churches Gathering?
  2. The Corona Virus Experiment
  3. Standing up to Coronavirus
  4. Focusing in a time of distraction

Responding creatively

  1. Covid-19 and Being a Community Initiator
  2. 10 ways churches can help during the coronavirus pandemic
  3. 13 Creative Church Ideas for Coronavirus Quarantines
  4. Tips for churches who want to set up virtual small groups
  5. 20 Prayers to Pray During This Pandemic

Sing with Olly

I love this idea from Olly Knight who is inviting people in lockdown to join him through Facebook each morning for worship. Such a good idea. Click HERE.

Read with Russ or Alexander or Kate

  1. This is from a mum & son in our church
  2. Or try reading with Russell

Remember Don’t Panic for we are not alone in the valley.

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