The Curiosity Index: Week 14

Hoping you’re all staying healthy out there – the pandemic effect on this blog continues with another full week of posts. And because a whole bunch of you are in lockdown, there’s more link goodness here than usual. So first…

The Pandemic…

…and the Church’s response

The Week’s Postings

Sunday: A life-changing encounter
Monday: The thinking person’s checklist
Wednesday: The challenges of a multi-cultural church
Thursday: Over or under-represented?
Friday: Will a pandemic turn Europe back to God?

From the archives

“I’ve never met Betsy, but if I do, she’ll get a big high-five from me. But that’s the thing, I’ve never met Betsy. I haven’t even visited her church on a Sunday, let alone preached there. But Betsy, along with many others in her church, spent a chunk of last Friday night, praying for us here in Stockholm. Praying, caring & loving. She even took the time to write us a postcard to tell us that.” – What Betsy Willis taught me about being a family of churches

I wrote that back in November and some people made a little video about it. Sadly the conference it was connected to has now been cancelled.

Some interesting things (to me)

Seven posts that caught my eye

  1. Why You Never See Your Friends Anymore – this article has nothing to do with the coronavirus! But something to think about for when life returns to ‘normal’
  2. Here’s what happens when you try to replicate climate contrarian papers
  3. Almshouses are coming back into fashion – and this is not a good sign
  4. Holbein’s Africa
  5. What to Do with the Bible’s Purity Laws
  6. Free-of-charge public transport isn’t free, Finnish experts say
  7. Thorncrown Chapel & some other beautiful chapels

Eye-catching stuff

I haven’t gone to volcanoes for a while, so it’s about time I did.

Seven Twitter highlights

  1. Testimony.
  2. What you should be doing on Maunday Thursday
  3. A 4-year-old reading the Apostles’ Creed for the first time
  4. Missional made simple
  5. Locked down but not locked in
  6. 10 Zoom Commandments
  7. Exponential Graph watching

Something to watch

Danny MacAskill Joins the Gym

Have a great weekend.

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