Once more into the waters

Of all the inter-church controversies and debates the one I think bugs me the most is baptism. It’s also probably the one I know most about. Colours to the mast I am a very-convinced credo-baptist. I try to be humble about it but I’m sure I’m right. I’ve got dozens of books from both sides and every time the debate pops up in my blog feed, I bookmark those posts. I think I planned on doing a significant series of posts exploring it and I do hope to do that one day but for now I’ve decided to just lay out some of that reading out here on the blog.

This decision was sparked off by the chaps at Mere Fidelity who just recorded a podcast on the topic and I was in full agreement with Andrew Wilson and frustrated by Derek Rishmawy’s articulation.

Nearly all Christians baptise believing adults, the question always comes down to should not just children but infants be baptised too? I say no, never and thrice no. A conviction that 500 years ago would have seen me burned alive or drowned. Fortunately although the debate can be quite heated, it’s no longer that heated.

Here are some articles I’ve saved over a while now that are on both sides of this debate.

Baptism in general

Who Was John the Baptist?

What Is the New Covenant?

What Does It Take to Be a “Christian?”

Does Jesus accept us as we are—or call us to ‘repent’?

What Research Tells Us About the ‘Seal’ of Believer’s Baptism

Baptism: The Point of No Return

What Does ‘Born of Water and the Spirit’ Mean in John 3:5?

How the Baptism of Jesus Echoed the Future

Should I Be Baptised Against My Parents’ Wishes?

For infant baptism

It Takes A Church To Baptize

Baptism is Very Church-y

For believer’s only baptism

What’s the Purpose of … Baptism?

Immersed in a New Covenant

Baptism: a Step of Obedience and a Public Profession

Church History: When Did Churches Stop Baptizing by Immersion?

Credo-baptists figuring out what to do with paedo-baptists

Can We Reject Paedobaptism and Still Receive Paedobaptists?

There is One Baptism, but Not One Baptist View of Baptism

Church Membership and the Definition of Baptism

Baptist Sacramentology and the Concern with Donatism

Baptism and Church Membership: An Expatriate Perspective

Would You Excommunicate Tim Keller?

A Response on Baptism

Some of my other posts on baptism

Baptism: A reading (blogs) primer

Baptism: Bibliography

Was infant baptism the standard in the early church?

The early church fathers: On baptism

Remembering your baptism

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