The Curiosity Index: Week 13

Hoping you’re all staying healthy out there – the pandemic effect on this blog continues with another full week of posts. And because a whole bunch of you are in lockdown, there’s more link goodness here than usual. So first…

The Pandemic…

I saw this on a friend’s social media and thought it an excellent perspective. Worth thinking about – it’s originally from a doctor in India:

“Social distancing is a privilege. It means you live in a house large enough to practice it. Hand washing is a privilege too. It means you have access to running water. Hand sanitizers are a privilege. It means you have money to buy them. Lockdowns are a privilege. It means you can afford to be at home. A disease spread by the rich as they flew around the globe will now kill millions of the poor.”

…and the Church’s response

The Week’s Postings

Sunday: Faith in uncertain times
Monday: Nothing but… – this pandemic is perhaps THE biggest global story for 75 years
Tuesday: Thoughts & resources on the online church
Wednesday: What will we do with the bread & wine?
Thursday: Is all this extra tech good for us?

Related reading

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From the archives

“We all know that communion is always theologically rich but often experientially poor while our sung worship can be the exact opposite. There are lots of reasons why that might be the case but I am frequently challenged to invest more into our practise of communion.” – A neglected meal

Bonus Material

Seven posts that caught my eye recently

  1. A scandal in Oxford: the curious case of the stolen gospel
  2. Do We Really Believe in Demons?
  3. Why the Simple Life Is Not Just Beautiful, It’s Necessary
  4. Why Should the Human Species Survive?
  5. Why I Am (Still) A Christian – I really related to this.
  6. How I Finally Made Flossing a Habit – And this!
  7. 100 Amazing World Maps

Eye-catching stuff

Underwater Photographer of the Year – as ever some stunning photos here.

Shane Keena’s shot of a hermit crab on Peleliu Island using a discarded can as a temporary home was in the of the Conservation category

Seven Twitter highlights

  1. Church barometer of health
  2. Asking & answering the right questions
  3. How to do a zoom prayer meeting for 250 people
  4. Home office optimization services
  5. ‘Shut up and learn with me!’
  6. Live commentary on the mundane
  7. Not what I expected

Something to watch

I think I remember watching this. Tomorrow’s World was good TV. (HT: Twisted Sifter)

Have a great weekend.

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