The Curiosity Index: Week 24

Not quite back to normal bloggin – but we’re working on it. Here are some things to stimulate, entertain and inform.

The Week’s Postings

The news has been, reasonably enough, dominated by the protests after the killing of George Floyd at the hands of the police. In some way all my posts this week have some connection to that.

Monday: It’s time for a new bus boycott
Wednesday: When theology gets angry
Friday: Learning to listen well

And related reading

The Pandemic…

Have you noticed that something has eclipsed the pandemic in Western media despite the fact that coronavirus cases are growing faster than ever before?

From the archives

Furniture buying for church planters: “If you kit out your home so it works for just your family you’ve not been thinking properly about what you’re doing or the importance of your home in doing it. The most important asset any church planter has for years is their home, so make sure it works to help you with your mission.”

Some interesting things (to me)

Seven posts that caught my eye.

  1. J.K. Rowling Writes about Her Reasons for Speaking out on Sex and Gender Issues (also The NHS has quietly changed its trans guidance to reflect reality)
  2. The Christian Art of Dying Well (also see my recent post Fireflies)
  3. Hong Kong Christians Respond as Beijing’s Grip Tightens
  4. How the World’s Only Feudal Lord Outclassed the Nazis to Save Her People
  5. The End of the New World Order
  6. Four Reasons You Shouldn’t Exist
  7. 3XN’s green-roofed offices to sport an elevated cycling path in Stockholm

Eye-catching stuff

The Winners of the 2020 BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition

Seven Twitter highlights (plus a few extra)

  1. Some thoughts on giving as a practice for spiritual formation (from me)
  2. The Make Up of World Christianity as just 100 Christians
  3. Get a free ebook on race and justice
  4. James Corden’s dad
  5. Jealous
  6. The stealth of a sofa
  7. Dad’s are great

Something to watch

Have a great weekend.

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