The Curiosity Index (Running edition)

I miss running. I haven’t been able to run for a week. I’ve barely been outside for a week. This virus (the health authorities won’t test me, so I’ll never know whether it was COVID-19 or not), has made my chest feel squeezed and hot. It’s been uncomfortable, my muscles have ached and I’ve just not wanted to run. That last one was probably my biggest indicator that something was up. But now I want to run and clear my head and lungs. I’ll run soon.

So why do we run? Maybe for views like this…

Maybe for the community of things like parkrun.

Maybe to feel strong. Or fast.

Maybe for the pain?

Maybe to achieve. To run a marathon (nb: some bad swearing). To learn and grow.

But why would we cheat?

But from a marathon, what then? Why an ultra-marathon of course although the training sounds brutal.

Running is a new religion. Sort of.

Though as in all religions, running has its sins. And its challenges.

And sometimes we get to run against world silver medallists.

I run because it clears my head. I run so I can think. I run so I can forgive. I run so I can pray. I run because it makes my body stronger and healthier. I run because it takes me places where I can see the beauty of nature and thank God for His creation. I run.

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