The Curiosity Index: Week 12

Hoping you’re all staying healthy out there – there’s been a clear pandemic boost to this blog. A full week of posts.

The Week’s Postings

Sunday: Not my ways
Monday: The next generation
Tuesday: From boys to men
Wednesday: In the valley of shadows
Thursday: The Curiosity Index (Coronavirus edition)
Friday: The Curiosity Index (Running edition)

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From the archives

‘Hospitality is making space, not just in your schedule but, in your life for other people. It means embracing regular upheaval in your otherwise ordered existence to care for, love and share with those in need.’ – The lost art of hospitality

Bonus Material

Seven posts that caught my eye recently

  1. You Don’t Have To Eat Hummus
  2. What I learned from having external insulation fitted (which is more interesting than that title suggests)
  3. Decadence And Ross Douthat
  4. The boss who put everyone on 70K
  5. Why Pioneer Neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield Said the Mind Is More Than the Brain
  6. The Protestant Astrology of Early American Almanacs
  7. The Forgotten Art of Squatting Is a Revelation for Bodies Ruined by Sitting

Eye-catching stuff

Finalists From Smithsonian Magazine’s 2019 Photo Contest – as ever some stunning photos here.

Seven Twitter highlights

  1. The sound is SO SATISFYING every time
  2. Stupid monsters
  3. Perks of social distancing
  4. Don’t hoard in sign language
  5. The prayers of many

Something to watch

Have a great weekend.

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