The Curiosity Index (11.06.2018)

Ok, back in the saddle.

Secularizing Kingdom

I want to get to the discussion I had afterwards with one of our students. She told me she admired her sister who was now at work in a major social service organization because she was doing “kingdom” work. I’ve heard this so many times I think I can put it this way:

For many, “kingdom work” means “social” justice while “church work” means “spiritual life.”

A big fat hogwash all over this idea.

Yes and amen.

Church Planting is not the Single-Most Effective Evangelistic Methodology

JD Payne stirs the pot and rightly so.

When C. Peter Wagner published his 1990 book, Church Planting for a Greater Harvest, he included these famous words: “The single most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven is planting new churches.” The reality is this “truth” was not true in 1990 and it is not true today.

Can church planting be an effective evangelistic methodology? Yes, but that depends on your approach to church planting. Not all church planting methods are the same.

A mustard seed of faith

I knew deep down that God COULD heal if he wanted to…but I guess the real issue I had with it was down to the deep pain I carried in my heart – the loss of my mother to cancer five years ago. Why hadn’t God healed her?! She’d come to know Jesus through her illness, which was great, but I’d prayed like crazy for her healing, her church had prayed for healing, people had laid hands on her and prayed for healing, my church and small-group had prayed and fasted. But still, she was taken from us, followed nine months later by my aunt (also to cancer). So did God choose to heal backs and knees, but not cancer?!

This is the reality

A historic exodus is leaving Venezuela without teachers, doctors and electricians

Venezuela is collapsing and when you consider the human impact as this article does, it’s heartbreaking. Pray for this broken nation.

With hyperinflation soaring toward 14,000 percent, it now takes five days work at the minimum wage to buy a dozen eggs.

 The dry facts

Researchers from MIT predict that by the middle of the century, more than half of humanity will live in water-stressed areas, where people are extracting unsustainable amounts from available freshwater sources

That’s going to lead to trouble.

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