Praying for a church plant

stockholm prayer weekend frontWhat is the role of prayer in building and a growing a new church plant? It can be something of a truism that the church planter affirms the place and power of prayer but plans according to his own strength.

It’s a lesson I’ve learned by experience and questioned whether the first church I planted could really be said to be ‘devoted to prayer’. It was a disturbing moment to realise the answer might actually be ‘no.’

Our determination this time was to plan around prayer. We’ve established a rhythm in the church plant that I hope will sustain us. On Sundays we teach our children, study the Bible and break bread together, while on Wednesday evenings we worship and pray.

That is, if you like, our daily bread but now we are planning a feast of prayer. On the 8-9th June this year we are organising a prayer weekend.

Our hope is twofold, firstly to pray for the church plant – that it will be Jesus centred, Bible based and mission focused and all that comes with that. Our second hope is to pray for the city – for a blessing on it but also to listen to God for signs of the kingdom, aspects of the life of the city that we can then hold on to in prayer. A modern metropolis is too vast and complex for a church plant yet we believe that amidst all the complexity there will be things that God would have us pray for, believe for and work for – for the advancement of the kingdom and, if they go hand in hand, the good of the city.

Already a growing number of people from the UK are coming to join us and there’s still time for others to join in. Materials will soon be available (on this blog) for those who can’t come to Stockholm but who can pray where they are.

We’re anticipating ‘one weekend of prayer to shape a church to reach a city.’ If you’re interested in joining us, please get in touch.

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