The Curiosity Index (30.05.2018)

Today I’m off to London for the Relational Mission Courage Conference, if you’re also there come and say hello.

Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs

Terry Virgo:

As you sing through a hymn you are often introduced to, or reminded of, truths that were not in your consciousness as you began to sing. I find this so helpful. My rather narrow, predictable pattern of thought is enlarged, stimulated and provided with fresh motivation for worship, praise and devotion. More thoughts of Christ, his beauty, steadfastness, love, sacrifice, triumph, eternal reign are opened up to me. I’m reminded of his tender mercies, kindness, faithfulness, and extraordinary patience, inviting me to renewed devotion.

3 Ways to Help Kids Connect Obedience with Joy

Every parent has encountered times where obedience has been anything but joyful, right?

Especially prominent figures and concepts in Ethiopian Christianity

The always interesting Tyler Cowen has been visiting Ethiopia where amongst other thing Pontius Pilate is seen as a saint.

Cheap oil killed sailing ships. Now they’re back and totally tubular

Once again the Nordic nations lead the way, but calling them sailing ships is a little misleading.

Artist Creates Meticulously Detailed Ink Drawings of Architecture Around the World

These are just amazing.

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