The Kingdom of God in Luke’s Gospel

At our small group we’ve begun to have a look at the book of Acts together (no real shock for a church plant that). We read the first chapter of Acts together and then did a brief study on two questions that arose from the chapter. Luke records that after his resurrection Jesus spent forty days teaching his disciples about the Kingdom of God. So we looked at some verses from Luke’s gospel about some of the things Jesus said about the Kingdom of God. So the first question was, according to Luke what did Jesus say about the Kingdom? Here are some of those things. What did we miss?

  • The kingdom of God is good news (Luke 4:43)
  • The kingdom of God is for the poor (Luke 6:20)
  • The kingdom of God requires single-minded perseverance (Luke 9:62)
  • The kingdom of God is sometimes small but will have huge influence (Luke 13:18-19)
  • Not everyone will enter the kingdom of God (Luke 13:28;14:15-23)
  • But anyone from anywhere can (Luke 13:29)
  • There is a cost to joining the kingdom of God (Luke 14:33)
  • The kingdom of God starts within you and flows out (Luke 17:21)
  • The kingdom of God requires childlike faith (Luke 18:17)
  • Wealth can be a barrier to the kingdom of God (Luke 18:24-25)
  • The kingdom of God is here now but it is also coming (Luke 19:11 & 21:31)

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2 Thoughts to “The Kingdom of God in Luke’s Gospel”

  1. i love the graphic – did you design it? our community is getting ready to do a series on the kingdom of God and we are looking for a potent image. let me know…

    1. Hi Terry, sorry for the slow reply. No it’s not our graphic, it’s on a number of sites for example. I can’t remember exactly where I found it. Sorry not to be more helpful

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