The best book lists of 2018

It’s that time of year when everyone who reads starts sharing their highlights of the year and recommending books and so on. It’s a time to feel guilty about how much time you spent watching Netflix or doing something even less productive on your tablet device. So here I’m compiling all those lists together in one helpful place (which may or may not get updated).

We’ll start by introducing this Icelandic custom

I think we need customs like this to help ourselves and our kids as Ben Sasse says become addicted to reading. *books added to my wish list = 2

The lists and top tens and all that



Total books added to my wish list = 24

Some additional recommendations randomly selected: Ann of Green Gables, Global HumilityThe Economics of Arrival

Consider buying from a small bookshop if possible. Of course having added all the books we want to read from all these lists makes bookshelf envy a thing

For my own year of reading see here but I’ll make an additional post on that soon.

Bonus item: A glowing river of books creates a traffic-free haven in Ann Arbor

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