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The Church & Gender III (Bumper links edition)

This is the third in a series of link posts

  1. The first was on the role of women in the church
  2. The second was about men and women in society
  3. This one is all about the fast moving transgender movement

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On transgender & technology

Contrary to popular perception and much of the transgender movement’s own rhetoric, transgender activism is not about compassion and dignity. Although transgender advocacy is couched in the language of oppression and identity, the idea that it is merely the latest facet of an ongoing civil rights struggle is a misconception. In the current cultural climate, to question the concept of transgenderism is to question the right of trans individuals to exist. This is an extremely effective strategy that deters the skeptical from digging into an ideology by labelling them bigots for doing so. But the implications of transgenderism are so serious and far-reaching that questions must be asked. At issue is not simply societal acceptance of people with alternative views or lifestyles, but the most fundamental aspects of what it means to be human.

On transgender (developments & reactions)

In 2016 ago I wrote how the BBC was leading the charge in highlighting transgender stories. They argued they were following society, I maintain it’s the exact opposite. I reckon they are almost daily now. 

On the aggressive transgender campaign

On Christianity & Transgenderism

This last article is not a Christian reading list but indeed a very secular one and so if you’re interested in a deep academic dive into how the culture got to where it is in its thinking on gender, then this reading list will help you understand: Gender Studies: Foundations and Key Concepts

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