Baptism: A reading (blogs) primer

For some time I’ve been meaning to write a series on baptism, working through the biblical texts and outlining why I’m a credo-baptist (baptism of believers) and engaging with the opposite view (paedobaptism).

With that in mind I’ve been collecting various blog posts on both sides of the debate (which I’ll update as new relevant posts come along). You can find my bibliography on baptism here.

Baptism in the early church

FAQ on baptism in the early church

Did the Early Church Practice Infant Baptism or Full Immersion?

Baptism in the Early Church: History, Theology, and Liturgy in the First Five Centuries’,

On Baptism

The Heidelberg Catechism on the meaning of baptism

Peter Leithart on The politics of baptism

Aaron Denliger on real & pretend baptisms

The case for infant baptism

Preston Sprinkle asks Infant Baptism: Is it Biblical? (but is himself a credobaptist)

Mark Jones writes For Paedobaptist Parents

Peter Leithart on Augustine & Infant Faith

Alistair Roberts on Infant Baptism and the Promise of Grace

The Heidelberg Catechism

Kyle Dillon asks (extended paper) Who Belongs in the New Covenant? Three Views and their Implications for Infant Baptism

The case for believer’s baptism

Why I Am a Credobaptist – Justin Taylor’,

Preston Sprinkle outlines Why I (Still) Believe in Believer’s Baptism

Tim Challies explains Why I Am Not Paedobaptist with some follow-up responses

Do read these two posts together by Andrew Wilson In search of a theology of children and A Theology of Children: Fifteen Theses

Connected with this is Patrick Schreiner on Baptism, Baptists, and Children

And Jonathan Leeman on Baptism and a Theology of Children

Joe Rigney on When to Baptize Our Believing Children

Roger Olsen asks Can a Pastor Baptize an Infant and Remain Baptist?

Baptism and…

Church membership



A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words – Tim Challies
Epic Credobaptist Own Goal – Andrew Wilson
Between Two Worlds: Ferguson on Infant Baptism and the Mode of Baptism’,
Between Two Worlds: Schreiner Vs. VanDrunen on Baptism
Once More on the Baptism of Children – Justin Taylor’
‘Faith Central – Times Online – WBLG: 100,000 Britons Download “Debaptism” Certificates’,
The Christening of Sweden’s New Crown Princess | Swedish Language Blog’,
The Fear of Baptizing Children – Justin Taylor’
‘Themelios | Article: Does Baptism Replace Circumcision
Themelios | Article: Sacramental Supersessionism A Response To Martin Salter
Themelios | Article: Response To David Gibson
GRC Forum 2008
‘Church of England on baptism.pdf

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