The Curiosity Index: Week 16

Not sure what happened this week but blogging ground to a halt. Let’s see if, in the spirit of Easter, I can’t resurrect things a little next week. But for now, here’s a lot of helpful, interesting, diverting, inspiring things to read, watch or look at.

The Pandemic…

Well the world continues to be in the grip of this disease but I think the shift in the richer north back towards a more sustainable approach is under way. Yet there is a very wide range of views about Sweden’s approach.

Curve looks to be flattening.

…and the Church’s response

With lockdown measures in place, many Christians watched services from their homes – including this family in Melbourne, Australia. (BBC)

It was Easter

Does Easter already feel like a long time ago? Don’t move on so quickly, Jesus is alive, the tomb is still empty!

This is beautiful – his words, his voice, the songs. If we get another culture that can produce such buildings, songs, hope – then I’d be tempted to convert, but I’ll stick with Jesus.

From the archives

“Not all professions will be needed in this new reality and as a result, there could be a lot of people learning new trades. Fortunately for them, they’ll all have the time in the world to do it.” – From Jobs you won’t be doing in heaven

Some interesting things (to me)

Seven posts that caught my eye.

  1. Less, and much more than ten. This was really moving. Dan Jones wrote a poem to his wife who died earlier this year on what would have been their 10th anniversary.
  2. Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s prison poems – Mark Meynell reads some of DBs poetry
  3. 5 Features That Made the Early Church Unique by Tim Keller
  4. Creating a Culture of Leadership Development
  5. The Stains That No One Sees – How Jesus removes our shame
  6. Beyond the Inbox: Rules for Reducing Email
  7. No Flour, Eggs or Butter? No Problem! 23 Cake Recipes for When You’re Missing an Ingredient – in case you can’t get to the shops.

Eye-catching stuff

Incredible Winners of the 17th Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest – what a world.

“Adélie Penguin on an Iceberg” © Conor Ryan. Winner, Natural World. “Ice-dependent animals are in perilous danger of losing their habitats. This photo shows an Adélie penguin standing on an iceberg off Devil Island, Antarctica. I like how the half-lit, sea-eroded iceberg gives the scene a sense of dichotomy. Perhaps the penguin’s indecision on which way to go, or perhaps ours.”

Seven Twitter highlights

  1. Easter message
  2. “Is Europe Christian?”
  3. Assimilation in Sweden
  4. Might as well been explaining the horse and buggy.
  5. Finally, spring in Sweden (well nearly)
  6. Rivers of plastic
  7. These are interesting times…

Something to watch

This just stirs me…

Have a great weekend.

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