What if We Nuke a City?

One of my other hobby horses on this blog (I have several) is what I regard as the growing threat of nuclear weapons. Around once every ten years a new country acquires nuclear weapons. And now you can add Turkey to that list of potential countries.

Turkey is a genuine concern. Wealthy enough to make it possible, with a significant enough military to protect itself, ambitions to be a bigger player, dictatorial tendencies and local threats in Israel, Iran, Russia and potentially Saudi Arabia. Right now, it doesn’t seem likely but my guess is that just as the rest of the world could do little to stop Pakistan or North Korea. If Turkey really wanted them, then there won’t be much that anyone would do.

But what would happen if a nuclear weapon was detonated in a city? Nothing good.

You can say no to nukes – I genuinely don’t expect it do much good, but that doesn’t excuse me from doing nothing.


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