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More nuclear worries

At some point I became convinced by the fact that nuclear weapons continue to pose an existential threat to life and civilisation. It’s a classic case of so what? Because I don’t have the resources to build a bunker and I don’t believe any power with nuclear

A more nuclear world

Donald Trump has declared that the US military is locked and loaded ready to unleash the fire and fury on North Korea. Mr Trump, who has long shown an interest in the nuclear option, has the power (and in the last resort a power that can only

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Should the UK have nuclear weapons?

Yes   2 (15%)   No   11 (84%)   Don’t know   0 (0%) Votes so far: 13 Well that’s fairly conclusive – readers of this blog are against nuclear weapons by a massive majority. That’s kind of comforting. Anyone a member of CND?

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Energy plan set to back nuclear

So I was doing my regular news review (can’t start the day with poring over the BBC news site) and this was the lead story –BBC NEWS | Politics | Energy plan set to back nuclearWhat do you think, good or bad, green or greedy?

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God is Green and not nuclear

It’s not often in the UK that you get intelligent documentaries that combine faith and the environment. Last nights’ ‘God is Green’ on Channel 4 was the first that I can remember. You might even be able to watch it here (although you’ll need to