Building a memorial

I’ve never thought f building a memorial, not sure who or what I’d build one to but in the centre of Karachi is the Mazar-e-Quaid, the tomb of Muhammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of the nation of Pakistan.

It’s a national monument and a symbol of the respect that Pakistanis continue to have for their founder. It’s guarded and people come from all over to visit the tomb.

It’s a peaceful place, the mausoleum is set in an attractive park, even though the fountains weren’t working and not every pool was full of water. The Mausoleum is simple yet striking and the interior the same.I appreciated the simple beauty of the place especially in a city not known for its beauty.

Interestingly although it’s not a mosque people pray there, whether they pray to Jinnah or seek divine inspiration from praying in this place who knows, but it’s become more than a place of remembrance it’s become a sacred place, a holy place.

The comparison is stark, the founder of my nation (and I’m not talking the United Kingdom but the kingdom of heaven) isn’t dead. There is no tomb, no mausoleum, no place to revere the dead. He is ‘God of the living’ (Luke 20:38), he is alive, we serve the living, risen one.

I can find inspiration anywhere, pray anywhere at anytime, I can come into his presence through the Spirit of God and find relationship with my Father. Don’t neglect that privilege or forget the daily wonder of being made alive in Him who conquered death.

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