The Curiosity Index (20.03.2018)

Romanian court tells man he is not alive


Reforesting Iceland

The country is famous for its barren landscapes. It’s a favourite place to shoot car commercials or even as a stand-in for an alien planet. But the hills aren’t bare because it’s too cold for trees to grow. It’s the result of ancient deforestation…The forests that had once covered 40% of the country dwindled to less than 1%. And then, after a thousand years, Iceland began to put them back again.

See also how A Volcano Helped Iceland Convert to Christianity

The chaos in Swedish Health Care System

It seems everywhere in the western world nations are struggling with their health care systems. Can anyone point me to a country that doesn’t think their health care is in crisis?

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Kevin Adams at the Evangelical Magazine has a nice introduction to the famous German pastor and martyr.

40 Side-By-Side Pictures Of Paris, And Its Chinese Knockoff Look Awfully Similar


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