The Curiosity Index (05.03.2018)

After 9 days of travelling in the UK I’m back in Sweden and ready to get writing.

The UK is terrible at dealing with snow. But it doesn’t have to be this way…

Oh my, is this true. 1 or 2cm of snow in London and schools were cancelled, trains were late and no one knew what to do. But the beast from the east did cause proper chaos, even in Sweden.

Bill Banning Circumcision in Iceland Alarms Religious Groups

This is something to watch and to see if it spreads in other Nordic nations.

Archaeologists Think They’ve Found First-Ever Evidence of a Legendary Biblical Prophet

Once again more evidence for the Bible as reliable history.

10 things you should know about speaking in tongues

Sam Storms delivers.

How To Clean Up Attention Residue

Keith Webb with some down to earth advice to help you with your focus

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