The Curiosity Index (14.08.2018)

How Antebellum Christians Justified Slavery

I always wondered and now I know. Another instance of the church abusing amongst other things power. 

How Christianity created rock-n-roll

On a more positive note Christianity this to add to its legacy:

The bulk of mainstream music writers and critics betray their discomfort with Christian rock by ignoring it. I suspect that, like Elaine, most music journalists think of Christianity and rock as incompatible, the former less acceptable than dumbness and laziness, the latter, however musically dumb and lazy, still perceived as cool.

In truth, though, rock music owes much of its claim to coolness to the Christian faith.

How Iceland Beat the British in the Four Cod Wars

We should have invaded.

Your brain absolutely cannot resist doughnuts – here’s why

Now I have a reason and not just an excuse.

No phones

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