The Curiosity Index (17.05.2017)

Has the UK hit peak secular?

This article in the Guardian wonders if the decline of religion in the UK has hit its nadir. Its findings tally with this study that cognitive biases don’t explain religion, after all. In fact the most important thing Christians can do in Western Europe is to show their children what being a Christian looks like. In this work of renewal it’s important that we know how to plant a church and not just start a service. Or you could just spend your whole building a cathedral. Like this guy.

53 People in the Bible Confirmed Archaeologically

Don’t let anyone tell you the Bible is just myth and made up.

The 29 Most Common Social Media Rules

Social media can be confusing and there are ways of making it work. This guide should help you keep your Pinterest and Instagram habits from screwing with your Twitter timeline and your Facebook feed.

Which Tech Giant Would You Drop?

Of course if you’re tired of the internet giants you could cut them from your life. That however may prove harder than you think.


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