On Secularism (bumper links edition)

I’ve collected a huge number of articles and posts on a variety of topics that have caught my eye over the past year. I had at one point intended to write some thoughtful essay or comment on each one but as time passed and the number of links grew that became unrealistic. Yet I’m loathe just to delete them all so for my benefit and possibly yours I’m storing them here on my blog for future reference. Today’s collection is all about secularism – the idea that that societies are no longer wedded to one particular faith and in some cases the removal of religion from public life. This is a particular feature of ‘western countries and culture’ but is also seen elsewhere.

I’ve included articles about nominal Christianity as they a part of the process of a culture moving towards a secular vision.

*Disclaimer: I’m not endorsing the links just sharing them

Secularism globally

Secularism in Europe

Secularism in America

Secularism & the church

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