The Curiosity Index (12.05.2017)

Working well, worshipping well and waiting well

A good article on work being a part of you worship by Jonathan Durke.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, whoever you are doing it with and however it is being done, do it well. The first step in pursing where you believe you are called to be is to do well what you already are doing. Jesus said that someone who is faithful in a little will be faithful with a lot. If you work well with the little you have now or somewhere where your talents are little used then you show that you can work well with more and in greater capacity. Work well whatever you are doing because it is a gift that gives responsibility, learning and maturity.

How religious groups voted in the 2016 referendum on Britain’s EU membership

I’m not sure what conclusion I would draw from this but 60% of Anglicans were leavers and 69% of Muslims were remainers.

Voting is important and if you’re a UK voter make sure you’re registered or the Anglicans may get their way again *raised eyebrow*

I think there’s a lot to be said for using pre-existing materials and creating unique spaces with them. You can even get a swimming pool from them if you like.

A Thermonuclear Bomb Slammed Into a US Farm in 1961, And Part of It Is Still Missing

None of this story makes for comforting reading. Who needs enemies when we can just as easily drop a nuclear bomb on ourselves. I love this line, “Clearly, having a large part of a nuclear weapon on private land … is a bit unsettling.”

If you crash, don’t give up

H/T Think Theology

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