The Curiosity Index (12.02.2015)

Derek Rishmawy has a good piece on about being careful about being too careful about what you read (in other words discernment in your reading).

Andrew Wilson offers a good rejoinder to Scot McKnight about the nature of courage in the public sphere

Pew Research has a fascinating article about the concentration of religions. Some obvious take-homes only Christianity can truly claim to be a global faith and Hinduism and Judaism not at all. China (unsurprisingly) holds the key to a lot of the statistics and as 63% of the religiously unaffiliated live there, the continued rise of the church in China could change those figures significantly.

Just to add some images to that, here are some striking photos of religious celebrations from around the world that emphasise whatever atheists may think, religion is going to disappear any time soon.

Lastly and on a completely different note, this story of the ice-climbers who climbed up the Niagara Falls is remarkable.

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