The Coming New Normal

Carl Trueman recently took up the theme of the bi-vocational church leader in a post called The Coming New Normal and as usual makes some excellent points. He believes that,

Bi-vocational pastoring will become more common, if not standard, in the next decade

Now it’s not the first time that Prof Trueman has jumped (unwittingly) on my bandwagon but he has.  So if you’re someone who thinks ‘by golly he’s right’ about the new standard for church leaders then look no further, here are some posts which might help:

I think it’s worth noting that in his article, Prof Trueman clearly has a particular model of church in mind. I’ve discovered that re-thinking how we gather, when and where we gather can significantly reduce the burden on bi-vocational leaders and more effectively lead people to living out the ‘priesthood of all believers’ and sharing the load and taking ownership of the mission, of pastoral care and of discipleship of the church.

For those interested, I’ve recently shifted from what Carl Trueman called ‘the tough end’ (stacking shelves in a supermarket) to the more flexible, comfortable end of freelance editor. The challenges remain but I’m still glad to be bi-vocational.

Photo by The Tire Zoo

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