The two ends of the bi-vocational spectrum

Last week I was given a vivid insight into the wide spectrum of possibilities when it comes to being bi-vocational. I was at a pastors conference and happened to be sharing a room with Jonathan LeTocq (the smiling man on the right in the picture). Jonathan is lead pastor of Church on the Rock, Guernsey. He also happens to be the island’s chief minister (or prime minister).

I stack shelves at a supermarket.

Jonathan is responsible for the islands politics and roughly £400 million budget, I’m responsible for taking out the trash. And so on and so forth. You get the idea.

What it illustrates is that a career job that carries significant responsibilities does not mean that one cannot also serve your local church at the same time.

What it should also indicate is that you cannot judge (and should not judge) a leader by the job that they do. Jonathan’s work easily displays his leadership ability, not so the work of a supermarket lackey.

I’ve grown up in western knowledge and education based systems and I think that means we value education and career achievement more highly than perhaps the Bible. Paul was a well trained rabbi and educated man (who was prepared to make tents for cash) and Peter was a largely uneducated fisherman. Both were apostles.

It was a real privilege to get to know Jonathan and some insights into both his island and his work, and to see that whatever you can do, you can also serve your church.

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