Learning from 2 Thessalonians 1

We’ve begun to study 2 Thessalonians in church before we move on to a series that deepens our commitment to our core convictions on church & discipleship.

So what can we learn from this first chapter?

  • Faith is supposed to grow (v.3)
  • So is love for your brothers & sisters in Christ (v.3)
  • Perseverance & faith keeps you going through persecution & trial (v.4)
  • God rewards those who endure for His sake (v.5)
  • We don’t need to concern ourselves with revenge but can trust God to do justice (v.6)
  • When Jesus comes back it will be spectacular (v.7)
  • There is judgement on those who reject Christ (v.8)
  • This judgement is final & eternal (v.9)
  • Those who believe will marvel (v.10)
  • It’s by the power of God that anything gets done (v.11)
  • Jesus gets the glory (v.12)

For an overview of theĀ letter, take a look at this video fromĀ The Bible Project

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