The Curiosity Index (23.02.2017)

After today there’ll be a pause on the Curiosity Index for a week, as we’re travelling to the UK.

Killed for Christ in the Amazon

I’m going to start with this. The BBC ran a profile on Jim Elliot. Very cool.

War on truth

If this article is to be believed then it would seem that Trump is doubling down on his assault on facts and the media. You have reasons to be concerned.

Facts on crime in Sweden

It is totally fine to argue about the interpretation of facts but societies need an open source to information and to hold public servants to account when they spread false information. And of course facts can spun to suit.

* What Rinkeby residents think about their recent riot (which to be honest was a skinny, pale, pathetic riot compared to the US, UK or France who really know who to riot).

Get off Twitter

So says Alan Jacobs.

I think I have been away from Twitter long enough now to see what it has become: a venue for people who don’t just preen themselves on their righteous anger, but who also work diligently to suppress their intelligence so that that righteous anger may be put before the world in a condition of laboratory purity. Let not mind thwart spleen — that is the unofficial motto, now, of Twitter.

I have to say that I’ve not really experienced that, probably because people like you who follow me are a very decent lot. Thanks for playing nice.

And remember RSS

I’m also an RSS fan, so I agree with this message.

10 Must-See Sites of Iran’s Historical Architecture

Some of these are absolutely stunning. Anyone here been to Iran? Let us know how it was…

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