Learning from 1 Thessalonians 2

As a house church we’re reading 1 Thessalonians together. (chapter 1) Here are some of the things we drew out from 1 Thessalonians 2
  • Time spent investing in church is not ‘failure’ (v.1)
  • This despite suffering, insults, strong opposition (v.2), toil & hardship (v.9), hostility & enemies (v.14-15) and the work of Satan (v.18). Being on mission with Christ requires some toughness. Do we have it?
  • We’re to try and please God (v.4) who tests our hearts and not people (v.6). Who are you trying to please the most?
  • The Gospel is to be told (v.2), shared (v.8), preached (v.9), heard & received (v.13). Who can you tell, share, or even preach the Gospel to?
  • Leadership should not come from a desire to deceive, trick or for financial gain (v.3-6)
  • Instead leadership should be gentle like a mother (v.7), encouraging, comforting and challenging like a father (v.12), with open lives (v.8)
  • A church whose ‘lives are worthy of God’ (v.12) are the glory, crown and joy for their leaders (v.19-20)

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