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I’m slowly reducing the archives, so would love to hear your recommendations of good blogs to follow – thought-provoking, interesting, intelligent irrespective of subject or worldview will get a look.

The Trinity in the Old Testament

Glen Scrivener makes the case: “My point is that these texts read on their own terms and in their own context (as the Jewish, Hebrew Scriptures that they are) demand to be understood as the revelation of a multi-Personal God. The only proper way to understand these texts is as trinitarian revelation. These texts are either to be understood triunely or they are mis-understood – on their own terms or any others!” Then backs it up.

Scientifically, when does human life begin?

The clearest answer is that “there have been countless scientific monographs and scholarly articles—in embryology, developmental biology, and genetics—explicitly affirming that a human being at the earliest stage of development comes to be at fertilization.”

At six weeks there is a visible heartbeat. We know this because of ultrasound. Note the scare quotes around terms like “baby” and “child”.

Why non-believers should read the Bible

Can’t say I agree with a lot in this article, statements such as this for example, “we know that almost nothing that happens in it actually happened.” But it’s still worth reading, if only to understand how secular liberal elites think about the Bible. Try not to be as dismissive as they are.

Great writing advice

Anna Pitoniak is an editor at Random House and here she shares what that taught her about the art of good writing. If you aspire to write better, read this. People still love to read books.

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