The transgender battle heats up

A blog is a record of your public musings and thoughts. I imagine if I searched through all the posts on here and pulled out all the predictions there would be a fair few wrong ‘uns. However, every now and then you call one right. Here’s four observations I made about this issue in June 2015 (and I can go back to 2012)

  1. Transgender is the new front-line for progressive politics
  2. Feminism vs Transgenderism
  3. The transgender debate will have consequences for the church
  4. This will change things

I reckon I went 4/4.

Trans rights is the new front-line, it is changing things, it will have consequences for the church and most interestingly it has pitched feminists against trans-activists. And that fight is getting vicious. What some progressives have woken up to is the fact that trans-rights will mean the erosion of hard-fought women’s rights and even the fundamental erasing of women. Here’s Evidence A:

Pay attention to the first line. “People who menstruate”? The last time I checked the only people who menstruate are women. But they cannot say that and not get immediately vilified and accused of hate speech. Trans-rights are erasing the word ‘woman’.

You should read this and then this.

At the moment I would say that the administrative and political battles continue to go the way of the trans. In October a work tribunal said this to a doctor.

A lack of belief in transgenderism and conscientious objection to transgenderism in our judgment are incompatible with human dignity and conflict with the fundamental rights of others…

You can (and will) lose your job for objecting to this. This doctor was not the first and is unlikely to be the last.

But they are not having it all their own way. Feminists and lesbians in particular (it seems) are starting to fight back. One of the most high profile battles is about sport but the battle-lines are being drawn everywhere. Questions are being asked and the more questions asked the more fury it generates.

It has led to a split in Britain’s most high-profile LGBTQ organisation Stonewall. You should read this interview with Simon Fanshawe one of Stonewall’s founders. Fascinating.

In many ways Christians should stand at the ready to help on the side of the lesbians and feminists. We agree that sex is binary, that women need safe spaces from dangerous and violent men, that women’s sports should be for biological women etc…But as we are already considered bigots for our horrible views on sex and so on we may need to be quietly supportive. Vocal support as Christians may well be considered an own goal. We will just help our allies lose simply because we’re on their side. So low has the image of Christians fallen in the UK.

But the transgender wave is still rolling and damage is being done. Consider the following:

The church is though running much faster on this issue than the early years of the same-sex attraction issue. We’ve been battle hardened and are much better equipped as a result of that. Here are some useful articles:

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And just to lighten things up…a prophet spoke

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