The Transgender debate: readings

I’ve written numerous times about the new front-line for progressives in Western society as they champion the right to be able to change your gender. As it’s a completely unheard of social experiment in world history whose outcome is totally unknown it’s worth tracking. It reveals the underlying convictions and values of this society and of course I’m looking for how thoughtful Christians are responding to this issue.

What’s been happening?

Judge Partially Blocks Trump’s Ban on Transgender Troops in Military – like most things in America, public policy is decided in the courts and that’s true here.

Yet in Virginia they have voted in their first openly transgender politician (notice the use of the word openly – perhaps suggesting that Virginia has had other transgender politicians but nobody knew?)

In the UK a Teacher was suspended for referring to a transgender pupil as a girl rather than a boy. *Read Matt Hosier’s excellent letter to a TV presenter after an interview with the teacher in question – Dear Philip

In Sweden schools are to have a third changing room (*article is in Swedish) alongside Men and Women because ‘a clear gender identity shouldn’t be a requirement to take part in sports’ (note that this apparently discounts your actual biology as determining your gender identity).

In Brazil a play about a transgender Jesus has (and this is not very surprising) upset a lot of people.

Questioning transitioning

However a lot of people are raising questions about the transitioning process especially for young people, and not just from Christians either.

When girls won’t be girls shares the story of Max who was born female became a boy and then went back again.

As to be expected as the numbers of people transitioning increases so are the numbers of people wanting to detransition because they regret their choice.

Walt Heyer shares his story of male to female to male

Transitioning can damage people says Lord Robert Winston, making a not altogether surprising observation.

What Christians are saying

Responding to the Transgender Revolution is a long and thorough article resource that will give pastors and leaders a good primer on this issue

On Coming Out as Fat is worth reading as background because it helps us understand how people are thinking (or not) about their bodies

The Hidden Hands of Caitlyn Jenner – on how no matter how hard you try, the truth is hard to hide

Is transgenderism harmless and is orthodox Christian teaching harmful? No and no.

A Pastoral Approach to the Transgender Debate is a review of a new book on this topic by Andrew Walker

Let’s Cast a Vision for Mere Sexuality – this is a call that for Christians to do a better job of proclaiming the beauty and freedom of God’s created intent for humans


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