Women & complementarian churches

What follows is a few thoughts and a tonne of links.

It seems to me that in recent months the debate about the role of women in the church has burst into life again (at least judging by the sheer amount of links I’ve saved). This isn’t all that surprising although the reasons have generally shown people like me (complementarian) in a pretty bad light.

In what follows I’m going to share some links and resources that I’ve been saving the last while. They work through where I position the issue, some reading from both sides and some responses to some of the more unhelpful recent discussion. As usual sharing is not necessarily agreeing unless I explicitly say so. This posts are just representative of what I’ve noticed and saved.

Setting the stage

Here’s a short video on working out whether this is a primary or secondary issue. For me it’s a secondary issue.

Some background

Making the case for complementarity

A little egalitarian push-back

I haven’t got lots of links here not because I haven’t read them but just because my focus is on the other side and arguing for them to do a much better job.

  • Are Women “Helpers”? – Most of the time I don’t recognise the complementarism that is being argued against but here’s Chesna Hinkley

On women’s contribution to the church

On women preaching

On women pastors

I think a big part of the problem here is how people use the word ‘Pastor’ and what that means (especially in an American context). I don’t have a title and I don’t usually let people call me Pastor for very long. Pastor is a gift not an office in my view. Elder & deacons are offices.

It’s worth considering how we understand elders and deacons. My own view is that women can be the latter but not the former. Here’s Sam Storms on deacons: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3. Although I think part 2 is a little weak and should cover much more. I’m in agreement.

Responding to John MacArthur

A famous preacher (who I’ve never heard nor read) said some pretty horrible things in my opinion. I’ve no interest in trying to give both sides or defend his view or tone. Here are two responses I’m in agreement with.

Here’s a much better way Interacting with Beth Moore’s Remarks about Complementarianism

On male violence to women

This is such a crucial issue that I haven’t really addressed it here (I did here) but just wanted to make sure it wasn’t ignored.

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