Why gather? To eat, sing & pray together

Why should a Christian gather with other Christians on a regular basis? Why in other should you go to be with the church? A go to passage for most is Acts 2:42-47 and that supplies several key reasons.

When they met together also did some things that helped remind them how they came to be family together – they broke bread together – reminding them that it was ONLY because of Jesus that found this new life, that were new men and women, that they were forgiven, set free, redeemed, transformed. ONLY because of Jesus. Breaking bread and drinking wine, was their regular reminder of the faithful love of God to them in Christ Jesus. They ate with glad and sincere hearts!

They also prayed together, and took time to listen to the teaching of the apostles. They wrestled with the implications of all that God had done, they had experienced something and experience is important but to that experience they added understanding. The two must go hand in hand, all experience and no understanding usually ends up in foolishness but understanding without any experience usually ends up powerless. This is biblical belief, not just to know in your head that something is true but to know in your very being that this is truth.

They also worshipped together, they praised God together, there was joy, delight, gladness in all that God had done, all that experienced him doing and all that they were beginning to understand about who God was. So, we have a common pattern amongst us – we regularly meet together to fellowship, to pray, to learn about God together, to remind ourselves of the centrality of Jesus by breaking bread together and to worship and sing songs of praise and adoration to God. All wonderful reasons to meet together.

Part 1: Why gather? Friendship

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