The Curiosity Index: Week 45

The Week’s Postings

Wednesday: The transgender battle heats up
Thursday: Women & complementarian churches
Friday: Figuring out small groups

From the archives

Joy and sorrow

Bonus Material

Seven posts that caught my eye recently

  1. All the international brands that have apologized to China
  2. ‘What did you do today?’ – this is brilliant from Emma Scrivener
  3. What would a city designed by women be like?
  4. Yet another American divide: ‘crunk’ vs ‘bible studies’
  5. Carbon-neutral science museum in Sweden will be powered by bicycles
  6. Proving That God Exists Without Opening a Bible
  7. Want to Expand Your Global Vision? Read These Books

Eye-catching stuff

The Finalists For 2019’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Are In, And There Are Some Real Bellyachers

Something cool from Twitter

Something to watch

Kicked out of home… From Simon Guillebaud:

“It is as offensive to Muslims as it is to Christians to say their religions are the same, that whatever works for you is fine. They are fundamentally different. We are called to love and respect each other completely, but not dumb down our differences and compromise our belief systems. I think our approach is honouring to both sides, and this beautiful short film avoids inflammatory rhetoric that is easy to slip into.”

Have a great weekend

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