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There are a lot of blogs that I like to read and I use Google Reader to track currently 84 different blogs (that number goes up and down a bit as I opt in and out). Over the past year I’ve noticed that I’ve starred posts from one blog more than any other for further reading, to share with others, to engage with, respond to by commenting or reposting here. In fact right now I have 20 of their posts which I’m going to link to below as an example of what I’m talking about, and also to clear the backlog a bit.

What you think matters is the blog of the Newfrontiers Theology Forum and I’ve been consistently impressed by the wit and sharpness of the writing and the helpfulness of the content. Here are some examples that stood out for me:

  • How about Andrew Wilson’s The biggest theological debate of the next twenty years, followed up by The Bible made impossible, Pigs and blankets, As opposed to the sand and A pot/potter thing
  • Liam Thatcher’s sustained rebuttal of Douglas Wilson’s cessationism – On closed spigots and private spirits, Eagerly desire the gifts, especially that you may write scripture and Just how shut is the spigot?
  • Martin Charlesworth’s two articles on a time to declare the jubilee and part 2
  • And the six parter on violence and war by Mssrs Thatcher, Wilson and Hosier (Who would Jesus punch?, War & Peace 1,  The Right to Bear the Sword the state has, War & Peace 2,  Violence: My view from the fence and Just War?)
  • Lastly, for me has been Andrew’s excellent series on the egalitarian/complementarian debate such as the recent ‘The Presumption of Complementarism’ and ‘Twelve words, twelve interpretations’

So whether you agree with what they say or not, I’d urge you to subscribe to and engage with this blog for the building up of your theological faculties.


Thanks for the encouragement Phil! I’m looking forward to getting your first contribution to WYTM up – when are you going to have it done?!

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