What mission, whose mission?

Not so long ago I reviewed The Road to Missional  by Michael Frost who argued that ‘mission cannot be reduced to simply spoken evangelism or acts of kindness and compassion’ and then not long afterwards Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert published What is the mission of the church? who argued that the mission should be, more or less, spoken evangelism and discipleship. That hit a nerve.

Ed Stetzer reviewed it in Themelios and was less than positive as ”they plod through the biblical text in workmanlike fashion.’ Liam Thatcher read it and felt that too often ‘precision gave way to pedantry’. Trevin Wax read it and was left with five nagging questions which received a friendly response from the authors. Andrew Wilson then weighed in with his thoughts on why the two sides were talking past each other.

For what it’s worth, I’m more with Frost on this one.

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