Miscellaneous: 7 links

The last set of links before Christmas and a particularly random bunch. Sorry about that. Hope the links have been a source of interesting things for you. One more for the year, but trust you’ll have a great Christmas.
  1. I use Google every day, me and billions of others. This was our 2011 (HT: Tim Challies)
  2. Expositional preachers worth listening to according to Tim Raymond
  3. Carl Trueman on the Song of Solomon and sex
  4. Talking about books about sex, check this one out by Matt Hosier.
  5. And on books, Challies has provocative post on the future of Christian bookshops
  6. Marcus Honeysett on the value of having friends who are not like you
  7. If you’ve overspent at Christmas, maybe you fell to one of these money lies

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