What I watched in March 2018

I’m a little slow this month in posting this but here we go. I’m tracking my screen consumption in 2018 to help me learn and see what I’m doing with my time. Here are some of the films and TV shows I watched in March.


Once again I increased the number of films watched from 10 to 11. Now that the weather is improving I wonder if this number will drop. Family movies included The Night at the MuseumMrs Doubtfire, and Antz. The Night at the Museum was probably the kids favourite.

The MartianInglourious Basterds6 Days, Jonny English RebornThe Tourist and Wonder Woman were all OK entertainment – The Martian is probably the best of them, follwed by Wonder Woman. Inglourious is for Tarantino fans only and is probably too violent for most tastes.

My pick of the bunch for the month though was American Made with Tom Cruise. Although bear in mind it’s the story of a pilot who becomes a drug smuggler, gun runner and CIA stooge so not exactly a role model. However a rollicking tale told with humour and style. 

The other film worth mentioning is The Case for Christ which surprised me by being (for a Christian film) actually quite good. It’s a bit cheesy and a bit preachy here and there but the central performance by Mike Vogel as Lee Strobel was pretty good. We watched it with the kids too and they quite enjoyed it. Some of the cameos were obviously there just for marketing purposes but strengths outweighed the negatives. I was pleasantly surprised.


Again less TV as a whole. Shows consumed included episodes of Marco PoloElementaryBrooklyn 99Life and The Beginning and the End of the Universe. The pick of the bunch was probably the two-part The Great Train Robbery.

We didn’t get to Blue Planet 2  as hoped.


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