What I watched in April 2018

I’m tracking my screen consumption in 2018 to help me learn and see what I’m doing with my time. Here are some of the films and TV shows I watched in April.


The number of films I watched dropped to 8 and the number of good films I watched dropped a bit further still.

I watched 3 sequels: Red 2Now you see me 2, and Paddington 2. Only the last of these is really any good and in fact is at least as good as the original which is to say utterly charming and very, very funny.

Money Monster was better than average although with a significantly higher than average swear word count.

The Client was the film equivalent of reading a John Grisham – simultaneously entertaining and forgettable.

Gone Girl had some edge to it but some train sized holes in the plot spoilt it. Also violent and full of morally reprehensible characters.

The Lost City of Z had some real promise to it with exploration in the Amazon jungle but never quite seemed to quite make you care.

We watched Risen on Easter Sunday and although it is better than the vast majority of Christian films, again somehow it didn’t quite do the job. There was some moments of genuine humour, warmth and wit but I think I preferred The Case for Christ.


Same as before really, the only new show was Netflix’s Fastest Car which despite more swearing than we would like the whole family enjoyed. Really interesting insight into US car culture

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