TV cripples us

It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of the television, in fact I’m glad to be rid of it. Here Mark Meynell reflects on the recent purchase of Channel 5 by Richard Desmond and gives this devastating quote from David Dark.

“Yet as it is, television most often caters to our own worst instincts, driving us to base our identity in what we’re able to purchase, hijacking our hopes with the emptiest of slogans and scenarios, and wasting our sympathies on tales that are devastatingly shallow and sentimental. It can even be argued that our relationship with television has crippled our ability to recognize, within ourselves, the need for a better way. We’re numbed to our own deterioration. Actor/entertainment personality, Ben Stein has prophesied that by the year 2030, it will all be pornography. (Dark, p43)”

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