The reading of running (Bumper links edition)

This is another one of my bumper links collections – I had (several times) planned on writing an article and it never quite happened and now I have too many and feel somewhat overwhelmed by them all. So instead of just deleting them all – I’m just sharing them as a load of links and anyone interested can pick what looks of interest to them

Running is a lifesaver for me – it keeps me sane, keeps me healthy, gives me energy and gets me out of my office in to God’s office. In fact it’s one of my life words – because of all the above it is something that matters a lot to me. So that’s why I’ve saved up so many articles all about running.

On breaking the marathon record

On the benefits of running

On running crazy long distances

On marathon runners

On running and aging

On stretching & drinking champagne

On running & life

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