Christians & homosexuality (Bumper links edition)

Yet again I have saved way too many articles on this subject to be able to weave them into a sensible summary. Why this topic? Well it remains a key area of contention within churches and it remains a key area of contention between the church and liberal western societies. So while we may be tired of it – it’s not a subject that will go away. I’ve tried to group them into helpful categories (Note: I’m not endorsing every article I’ve linked to – some I’ve read to find out what Christians are saying and thinking and others to find out what the other side are saying and thinking.)

On living as a gay Christian

On the Bible & Christian sexual ethics

On Christians & homosexuality in the modern world

On faith & homosexuality in the ancient world

On the Nashville Statement

Remember that? Well it was an attempt to clarify how evangelicals should think on this and went down as well as you might have guessed. Here are some articles to review.

On reviews of books from gay Christians

On Gay conversion therapy

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