The Curiosity Index (31.12.2017)

Wishing you all (whoever you are) a very Happy New Year and a fulfilling 2018!

Midnight Mass and Holy Observances of Christmas

I’d previously shared some round-up pictures of Christmas celebrations and noted that they had nothing to do with Christ. Here are some that do. What struck me was that unlike all other world religions Christianity has proved uniquely flexible and adaptable. Note the geographical &  cultural diversity on display here. Plus this one: I think only in Nigeria.

The Spiritual Disciplines: Gratitude

No better or more important time to practice the discipline of gratitude than now. Brett & Kate McKay give you the long read on why & how.

Biblical Archaeology’s Top 10 Discoveries of 2017

Our understanding of the world of the Bible continues to grow as we discover more.

The best environmental blog

I just wanted to flag up the single best blog on the environment – Jeremy Williams’ Make Wealth History. Here’s his rundown on 2017 on his blog.

Twitter User Tired of Bad News in 2017, Shares Only Good News

It’s always good to share good news

16 Small Habits That Could Seriously Improve Your Life Within A Year

A little bit of Buzzfeed clickbait but this readers suggested habits are pretty good. Which one’s are you going to try?

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