The Curiosity Index (30.11.2017)

Art story of the day

I did not know this, but I think it’s great. How Skilled Copyists Leave the Louvre with a Masterpiece Every Year

Rebuke of the day

This one is actually from a couple of weeks back, but as the story is still going on I thought I could get away with it. Anthony Le Donne throws the knock-out blow to anyone trying to defend Roy Moore by comparing it to Joseph and Mary.

Historically speaking, Zeigler’s statement is in error. Literarily and theologically speaking, Zeigler’s statement is perverted.

Like I said. Knock-out.

Debate of the day

This time from last week. (Look I’m catching up, OK?) Andrew Wilson writes up one of those rare times when you find a genuinely helpful and reasonable discussion that took place on Twitter and the interweb. Should we give to those who beg?

Weird fact of the day about Finland

Apparently they all love doing the tango. Who’d have thought it?

Video of the day

There is a new edition of Discipleship Explored. Here’s the first video.

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