The Curiosity Index (29.04.2015)

The Surprising benefits of giving money away include you’ll be happier, you’ll invest in what you think is important & you’ll be freed from the power of money. “Where his money goes is the truer indication of what he deems important. If you care about something, then actually give to it.”

Yesterday was my 40th birthday so you may be tempted to draw a connection to this first link: why so many of us experience a mid-life crisis. You would be wrong but here’s the key line: “Midlife essentially becomes a time of double misery, made up of disappointments and evaporating aspirations.”

If you’re fortunate enough to be bi-lingual or fluent in a second language you may realise that your view of the world shifts depending on which language you speak. *Point of note – too many Christians are monolingual

I had a conversation yesterday with an American friend about how much bigger houses are in America than in Europe. The facts bear him out, the median size US house is 50% bigger than our 3 storey, 149 sq.m house in Stockholm and costs 40% less.

Next time my son wants to build something with lego, I’m going to suggest this, the full sized lego car

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