The Curiosity Index (18.01.2018)

This is not a real church

Tony Payne does a thought experiment on what is the essential essence of ‘church’

Bolivia Makes Evangelism a Crime

The headline is a little misleading but a very ambiguous new penal code means it could be interpreted that way if the government wanted.

The happy divorce

This is part of the changing reality of modern relationships. They have abandoned the idea that marriage ideally should be life-long. As a Swedish article said  “Vi har långsamt fått ett annat synsätt på monogami och att leva alla livets år tillsammans” (Translation: “We have slowly developed another view on monogamy and living the whole of your life together.”)

Why Not Just Teach Them French?

This short post illustrates the importance of churches and scriptures that function in people’s heart language. We always encourage people to pray in the language of their heart.

Record Low Temperatures Break Thermometer in “World’s Coldest Village”

That’s a little chilly. WIRED has some more images


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